Jean Ross

Jean Ross -- Friend of Goodwill


Learning more about purple rice can be done by studying the hundreds of pages on this site, doing your own research and buying the Book, "The HEALING POWER Within You." When you visit that page with the Glossary of KEY Words from that Book there is another message box at the bottom of that page where you can learn more about buying your own copy.

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Hi Folks,

Some of you know me as Bonnie Troescher, my married name and some of you know me as Jean Ross, my professional name.

As Jean Ross I used the motto, "Friend of Goodwill," and was known to thousands of friends and custermers of Vibrant Life, the Company founded by me and my husband, known as Karl Loren, the Speaker For Life.

Purple rice (also known by its commercial name of PXP) was discovered by me and Karl just before he turned 80 and I reached 74. We have both come out of a comfortable retirement to tell the world about purple rice.

There is a page that tells the story of purple rice so well that I encourage you to read it Click HERE.

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